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The Story

Green Slashes

When it all started, Jon McLellan Sr. thought he’d rather drink beer than brew it. His son, Jon Jr., saw through his protestations, gifting him a home brewing kit for his birthday. Carefully, the pair brewed the pre-packaged recipe, and while it came out about as well as a pre-packaged recipe can, they discovered a love for the art of brewing in the process. The idea to open a brewery was born.

That brewery wouldn’t serve the kind of mass-produced or pop-culture beer that saturated the market. It would serve the best possible versions of traditional beers. Recipes steeped in tradition that had been lost in the shuffle during the industry’s growth.

Father and son wanted two things: they wanted to be their own bosses and they wanted to do what they love: brew the recipes they’d been crafting for years.

On the 5th of July, Jon Jr. called Jon Sr. to tell him it was time to open the brewery they’d been talking about for years. By the 6th, they were incorporated.

With the help of friends, family and the city itself, they began to build what would become a regional destination for lovers of great beer, great food and great people: Jamestown Brewing Company.

“I hope this becomes a cornerstone destination to not only beer and food lovers, but also people that come from around the world to see this great city. Our beer will be something that Jamestown can be proud to call their own.”

Branch Decal

Jon McLellan Sr.

President & General Manager

History of JBC

Green Slashes

Before it was reimagined by the McLellan clan, local legend has it that the Jamestown Brewing Company was providing the community with pre-prohibition beer. Not much is known about this business, but we believe we’re continuing their great tradition by providing the modern community with delicious beer in the same traditional styles.